Shortest Paths Problem

(Seed: , Nodes: )    



Click on Generate Random Problem to quickly produce a random network with random travel times. The textfield labeled Nodes can be editted to specify the number of nodes in the network. If the Seed field is left blank then an internally generated seed value will be used and the behavior of the random problem generator will be different every time the applet is run. If, however, a seed value is given (it must be an integer), then that value is used to seed the random number generator. Specifying a value for the number of nodes and for the seed uniquely determines the sequence of problems generated.

Click once on Setup Dijkstra select the initial set of ``candidate'' arcs that lead into the root node. Candidate arcs are shown as blue.

Then, click on Do Dijkstra multiple times to perform the iterations of the Dijkstra algorithm. Each click, converts one candidate arc to an arc on the shortest path. The converted arc is shown in red and other arcs are added to the set of blue candidate arcs. Click here for the original class project desription (Java version).

Finally, click here for the Java Applet version of the same tool.