FIR Filter Design (J.O. Coleman)

These problems are from the paper A Systematic Approach to the Constrained Quadratic Optimization of Embedded FIR Filters by J.O. Coleman

The first problem is an LP, the next three are SOCPs, and the last is a nonconvex NLP. Each model writes one or more output files that can be displayed, for example, with gnuplot.

Model 3.mod involves splitting a digital audio signal into three components, a low frequency component (called woofer), a mid frequency component (called midrange) and a high frequency component (called tweeter). The plot shown below was produced with gnuplot using the following command:

plot "3w.out" w lines, "3m.out" w lines, "3t.out" w lines

GIF Image of Woofer, Midrange, Tweeter Responses

Model 3a.mod is a slight stylistic improvement on 3.mod. It also uses more realistic breakpoints for the three components. You can listen to various snippets of Pink Floyd's "Money" by selecting the appropriate choice below:

If your browser knows how to uncompress files, use the following versions. They will download much faster: