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Quasar 3C-273

From the author of   Sizing Up The Universe


To calculate the red-shift, we divide the shifted wavelengths by the unshifted wavelengths and subtract one:

For \(H_{\alpha}\), we get:   \(\frac{7651}{6563} - 1 = 0.166\)

For \(H_{\beta}\), we get:   \(\frac{5678}{4861} - 1 = 0.168\)

For \(H_{\gamma}\), we get:   \(\frac{5072}{4340} - 1 = 0.169\)

According to Wikipedia, the correct answer is \(0.158\).

Stacked image

22:09 EDT, April 18, 2020
Starlight Express Trius SX-694 on 10" RC at f/9
Diffraction Grating = 36 min (2 min unguided exposures)
No flats or darks.

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