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Total Solar Eclipse 2024

Location: Dickson Point Rd, Plattsburgh NY
Telescope: 3.5" Questar
Camera: ZWO ASI2400MC Pro
Software: SharpCap Pro's Sequencer (click here to download the script)
Note: Some of the Bailey's Beads pics were taken by Steve Mazlin from the same location

Single picture taken during totality

Totality Animated

From 1st Contact to 4th Contact

During the partial phase of the eclipse, my observing friends and I got to see a plane pass in front of the Sun.
My friend Aram Friedman who was set up just 10 feet from me was lucky to capture the event in a video he was recording.

Click here for the YouTube version with audio.

Bob and Kris Vanderbei (with Steve and Violet Mazlin in the background)