2016 Presidential Election Results

Robert J. Vanderbei

The Election is History

Posted: Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 11:42 am

Here is how America looks today (move your mouse over the map to compare it to 2012):

Click here for full-size version.
Note: I don't yet have data for Alaska, Maine and Massachusetts. Hope to get that soon.

Here is a tilted 3D version.
The height of each tower is proportional to the "voter density" so that the volume of each "tower" is proportional to the number of votes.
America 2016
Click on image for WebGL 3D model (it's a 55 Mb file).

The changing colors of America (1960-2016)

Click image full-sized version

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The maps above are misleading in the sense that sparsely populated areas are shown no differently from densely populated areas. Manhattan has 1.6 million people but is only represented by the smallest dot in these maps. Montana, on the other hand, has less than a million people but gets a huge chunk of the map---as big as Montana. Mark Newman is well-known for his cartograms---maps that are distorted in proportion to population. Here's Mark's map for the 2016 election:

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