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NGC 2237 -- The Rosette Nebula

01:03 UT, February 19, 2004.
Starlight Express SXV-H9 on 200mm f/3.5 Vivitar lens piggybacked on 3.5" Questar.
Guided with PC-164C through Questar at f/5.5 (3 minute increments)
Ha=150 minutes, G=6 minutes
L=Ha, R=Ha, G=G, B=G.

Move your mouse cursor over the image to see a moon overlay that gives one the sense of the angular size of this nebula. Javascript support in your browser must be enabled.

Full-Size: 1365x1018

04:00 UT, December 21, 2003.
Starlight Express MX-916 on 3.5" Questar at F/5.5 with Ha filter.
180 minutes (in 12 minute guided increments).

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