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Starlight Express MX-916 camera 3.5" Questar at f/6.6.
June 16, 2003. 24 minutes selfguided.
June 17, 2003. 30 minutes selfguided.
Richardson-Lucy deconvolution.
North is up, east is left, Pluto is almost dead center.

Shown below is my Jun 17 image blinked with an image from the POSS-2 digitized sky survey.
The field is 40x30 arcminutes centered on RA=17h12m53s, DEC=-13deg26m48s.
Note: In addition to Pluto, there is apparently a star with a large proper motion visible near the lower right corner.
Its coordinates are: RA=17h11m53s, DEC=-13deg35m34s.
This star is listed as 0764-0350945 in the USNO B1.0 catalog. This catalog gives its proper motion as 0.89 arcseconds/yr. For comparison, Barnard's star, the fastest mover of them all, has a proper motion of about 10.2 arcseconds/yr.

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